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festival of music and sound
 April 24th to May 3rd, 2009

tranSpectra performance:
Tuesday, April 28th, 2009, 7:30 p.m.
Registry Theatre
122 Frederick Street, Kitchener, ON


Tilly Kooyman, Stephen Fox, BP clarinets
Owen Bloomfield, synthesizer 
James Harley, electronics
Rick Sacks, Todd Harrop, percussion
Marion Samuel-Stevens. soprano
Anne-Marie Donovan, mezzo-soprano
Neal Evans, stredici/conductor
Paul Pulford, cello
Gayle Young, amaranth
Yvonne Ng, dancer


Georg Hajdu:  Beyond the Horizon
for two BP clarinets, BP tuned synthesizer and narrator

Owen Bloomfield:  Wanderer
for two BP clarinets

Todd Harrop:  Calypso
for two BP clarinets, percussion and dancer

Rare Current
(video by Reinhardt Reitzenstein):

Emily Doolittle:  Body of Wood
for mezzo-soprano, BP clarinet, BP cello and percussion
poem by Rae Crossman

Jascha Narveson:  Wire
for two BP clarinets and percussion

Gayle Young:  Cross Current
for two BP clarinets, percussion and amaranth

Peter Hannan:  Deaths of Children Update
for soprano, mezzo-soprano, two BP clarinets, cello and synthesized percussion and dancer

1.  The sun comes up everyday
2.  Now I see why the dark is overwhelming
3.  When my mother comes through the door
4.  I often think you just went out
5.  In this weather

Review by Karen Ages (The Music Times)

(Photos courtesy Kenneth Doren)

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the following bodies in producing this concert:

Canada Council for the Arts

Ontario Arts Council

Region of Waterloo Arts Fund